Discover the finalists of the Global Fintech Challenge


A number of financial and banking institutions and insurance companies have gotten together to give you the chance to boost your growth by winning access to financial support and other assistance programmes, all on an international scale.

The total value of the prizes on offer being nearly €50,000, the challenge is naturally a considerable one!

Boost your visibility with specialised media and key market players by earning the title of Best FinTech Startup 2016. The top start-ups will receive this title, a huge asset for your brand image.

Whether you are active in private banking, payment solutions, digital money, block chains, managing assets, IoT or cyber security, any and all FinTech startups can compete for the title!

The Fintech Ecosystem, a key issue for tomorrow’s finance


Today, all industries are concerned about the digital transformation. Finance is no exception. FinTech startups have incredibly grown in numbers. Investments they received have overshot expectations: $3 billions were invested in FinTech startups in 2014; four times more than in 2008.

The Global Fintech Challenge gathers the innovative FinTech ecosystem around a challenge to think about major concerns this phenomenon has involved. The ultimate goal is to build strong business relationships between key actors of this movement.

Banks, startups, public institutions, medias, incubators, etc. Complementary actors from the FinTech world are finally united in an international initiative to collaborate together.

Open Up the Fintech ecosystem to promote innovation

Decode the trend

Decode the growth of FinTech major concerns in the bank / insurance markets and identify new uses

Communicate on your innovative programs

Participate to the must-attend FinTech event and raise awareness

Create collaboration

Meet the ecosystem and enlarge your partnerships network

The ecosystem stakeholders